Why does my hair stink?

We’ve all been there before: Our hair stinks and we’re totally embarrassed by the odor! Well, why does our hair start to smell bad? The obvious answer is poor hygiene – not washing your hair enough – but did you know that over-washing your hair also causes your hair to stink?

Our scalp naturally produces protective oils. When you over-wash your hair, you strip your hair of these vital oils. As a result, your body basically goes into overdrive by producing more of these protective oils to compensate. These oils both create and capture foul odors. So washing your hair excessively can be as much of a culprit in hair stink as not washing your enough!

What happens when you don’t wash your hair enough? First off, all of us have bacteria that live on our skin and our bodies. When we go extended periods of time – about three days or more for most of us – without shampooing and conditioning our hair, these bacteria begin to die off and mix with the natural oils that have accumulated on our scalp and in our hair. Gross, right?! And not surprisingly the end result is a pretty nasty stink from our hair!

To prevent hair odor, you basically don’t want to wash your hair too much or too little. In between washes, we suggest using a hair refresher like kerabotanicakerabotanica products revive and renew your hair, giving you a clean, fresh scent with a pop of moisture while controlling frizz. They’re the best haircare products for instant life in your hair both in between washes and when you’re in a rush. Whether headed to the office, a date, girls night out, or just for a rapid refresh, kerabotanica’s got your back—and your hair—24/7!

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