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Because You Deserve
Glamorous Hair

Today is all about you. Cleanse those locks with this hydrating blend of high performance, organic ingredients to repair, protect, and reveal beautiful hair. No chemicals = color safe. Sexy hair instantly. Let’s get ready to rule the world.READ MORE +
The World’s First Certified Organic Shampoo. It is beyond sulfate free. Natural and organic ingredients that don’t strip your hair dry and damage your scalp. Leaves your hair soft, hydrated and full of natural shine. Buy it safely with satisfaction guaranteed or you money back guarantee. All natural haircare for all natural beauty. Gently cleans the hair and rejuvenates hair to make it youthful and healthy. Niacin energizes and balances the scalp while promoting circulation. Moisture is restored and the hair is protected from damage and pollution.
Dermatologist tested. Formulated without parabens, keratins, silicone, sulfates or sodium chloride. Color safe. UV protection for hair. Always Vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Dermatologist tested. Certified Organic.

Our Most Complicated Goal

Kerabotanica is a Professional hair care concept for the most demanding health conscious citizen. Our goal was create revolutionary hair care with better performance & without damaging ingredients. We went beyond our goals and created the World’s First Certified Shampoo and Conditioner. READ MORE +
No chemical and synthetic ingredients like silicone or Phthalates that other brands use for lather means NO damage to colored hair, NO frizz, NO dry scalp. Absolutely no sulfates (SLS). No synthetic fragrances. Using USDA guidelines our products received third party certifications. Natural and Certified Organic ingredients. The manufacturing process was certified and each vendor was certified. Introducing the World’s First Certified Organic Shampoo and Conditioner. Period.READ LESS –

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Hair Fragrances
Most Advanced. Light. And Years Ahead.

You Had Me At Hello Hair Refresher infuses your locks with the luxurious scent of fresh Italian lemon, sweet Spanish mandarin, and lush Mexican plumeria. Formulated for maximum hydration and softness, You Had Me At Hello restores, renews, and revives hair, bringing out its natural brilliance. Get infinite shine, stronger strands, and incredible scent.READ MORE +
When a guy takes a whiff of your hair & its Sexy Scent drives him wild…That’s what we’re aiming for with our Hair Refreshers. And we accomplished it with Natural, Organic Ingredients. Spritz some on and get your compliments.READ LESS –

Bad Hair Day:
How to make it go away.

Like, for good.
Spritz, indulge, run your hand and run it thru your hair with your fingers.
Enjoy happy, sexy and confident hair.READ MORE +
So Fresh & So Clean. Shine bright like a F$%@#&g diamond & Slay every season with kerabotanica Hair Refreshers.READ LESS –

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Kerabotanica Product You Had Me At Hello Refreshing Hair Scent Image

Natural, Sulfate Free,
and Best Certified Organic Hair Care

Kerabotanica is beyond sulfate free. Not just best natural ingredients but Certified Organic hair care. It’s Pure Shampoo, It’s Pure Conditioner, Hazelnut Hair Mask and Hair Serum are all Certified Organic. The best certified organic shampoo and conditioner is truly about natural beauty.READ MORE +
Natural beauty begins with Natural Ingredients. The healthier the ingredients are, the healthier your hair is. Our Certified Organic ingredients mean you can trust kerabotanica to bring out your best healthy hair. READ LESS –

Hair Refreshers

Refreshing scents, hydration, sheen and vitality
Easy to apply for instant confidence & glam.

A hair conditioner
pushed further with Natural Organic Ingredients.

Spritz and leave on. Experience ease of use. And our hair refreshers are formulated with no parabens, harsh sulfates, petrochemicals, silicone, GMO or phthalates. Our formulations contain amazing eco-conscious ingredients used for centuries as moisturizing and conditioning agents. Good for the earth and its citizens. Now that’s good karma.READ MORE +
What’s better than good karma? Great hair. Protect your locks and your life with healthy, natural ingredients.READ LESS –

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All-Certified Performance Products Exclusively for Salons.

Amazing perfume blends are what power every kerabotanica product. Each formulation is engineered to take full advantage of the botanicals and extracts to also make your hair look beautiful. Addictive scents and an innovative formula make your hair stronger, give it shine and infuse hydration for manageability. Because of this you’ll use kerabotanica and love your hair every day.READ MORE +
Loving your hair starts with taking care of your hair. Hair health begins and ends with kerabotanica. Never settle for less. READ LESS –

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